General knowledge quiz

By | March 4, 2020

Importance of general knowledge quiz

Practicing Proper and good General Knowledge quiz is very essential for all the students. General Knowledge quiz enables students to acquire necessary knowledge   all through the life among people of any age. If you practice more GK quizzes, it is better to score more in competitive exam. One can  achieves sufficient  knowledge, values, skills, beliefs, and moral habits by practicing 10 GK quizzes everyday. Students must understand the  need for  high level awareness about the importance of general knowledge more than before. general knowledge is very necessary for each and everyone in order to improve GK score in any competitive exam. Having  proper knowledge regarding everyday GK  is the main factor in cracking competitive exam like Banking / IBPS,  CDS,  CLAT,  GPSC,  IAS,  Judiciary,  MPSC,  NDA,  NTSE,  RPSC,  Railways,  SSC,  UPPSC, UPSC,  MPPSC and other  government job recruitment examinations of India or states civil services. GK quiz practice is the ultimate way to get victory over all the competitive examination stated earlier. We can infer that GK (Generela knowledge) is very important to all of us as it plays very important roles in our everyday life as well as cracking the most important competitive exam. In order to live a better and peaceful life, we need to get good job. General Knowledge transforms us completely from inside and outside by changing our mind and personality as well as improving our confidence level regarding the basic knowledge. General Knowledge changes a students life completely as it is the main factor for competitive examination.



General Knowledge Quiz

  • General Knowledge Lists
    • All Top 10 Lists
    • International Organizations and Headquarters
    • Stats: Longest Largest Smallest etc.
    • Development Programmes In India
    • Worlds Stock Exchanges
    • Government Agencies in India | World
    • Awards & Honours
    • First in India | World
    • Intelligence Agencies
    • List of Associations
    • List of Congress Presidents
    • List of Winter Olympics
    • Media by Country
    • Power Stations by Country
    • Research Centers in India | World
    • Secretary Generals


  • History of India
  • Famous Personalities of the World
  • Towns and Places of Historical Importance
  • Battles and Wars
  • Indian History in Chronology
  • Reforms and Movement
  • World History in Chronology

GK Facts

  • Amazing Facts
  • Science Facts
  • History Facts
  • Sports Facts
  • Economic Facts
  • Mythology Facts



Indian Geography

  • Earth
  • Atmosphere



Environment & Ecology

  • Basics of Environment and Ecology
  • Ecosystem
  • Environmental Issues and Convention
  • India and Climate Change
  • Natural Resources
  • Wildlife and its Conservation

Art & Culture

  • Books and Author
  • Cinema | Film
  • Dance of India
  • Indian Architecture
  • Indian Classical Music
  • Indian Painting
  • Religion and Languages
  • Religion
  • Languages



Indian Economy

  • Economic Planning in India
  • Government Schemes & Programmes in India
  • Horizon of Indian Economy
  • International Agencies and Trade
  • Money and Banking

India: An Overview

  • States of India
  • National Symbol | Awards
  • National Organisations
  • World Heritage Sites


India Gk General Knowledge

Cabinet Ministers India – Banks States and Union Territories
Prime Ministers of India Presidents of India Important days in India
Five Year Plan Highlights of Union Budget Inventions and Discoveries
Cities and their Nicknames Indian Folk Dances Indian Satellites Launched
National Symbols International and domestic Airports Major ports in India
National Park Tiger Reserves Dams and Reservoirs
Major Industries Insurance Companies Famous Temples
Republic Day Chief Guests Revolutions in India UNESCO World Heritage in India
Office holders in India Indian Rivers and their States  
GK Countries – Capital & Currencies GK National Animals GK National Birds
GK National Flowers GK Awards and Honours GK Persons in News

World General Knowledge

Countries – Capital & Currencies Organizations & Headquarters National Animals
National Birds National Flowers Legislatures of the World – National Assembly
Famous Sports Personalities Stock exchanges Food Festival
Countries and their main Industries Stadium In world Popular Newspaper
Important Cups & Trophies Richest Persons Famous Personalities
World President and Prime Ministers Countries and their National Games Central banks of Various Countires

Movies and Music General Knowledge

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> Pop Star Quiz

World Geography General Knowledge

> Worlds Largest Lakes Quiz

> Capital Cities Quiz

> Capital Cities Level 2 – Hard Quiz

> World Mountains Quiz

> Worlds Longest Rivers Quiz

> Worlds Largest Islands Quiz

World General Knowledge

> World Flags Quiz

> Worlds Famous Places and Landmarks Quiz

> Airline Logo Quiz Quiz

> World Organizations Quiz

> World Currencies Quiz

> Famous Inventors Quiz

> Sciences and Fields of Study Quiz

> Periodic Table Quiz

  • India at a glance
  • Indian States and Capitals
  • Indian States and their Symbols
  • Indian States and Territories
  • Indian Cabinet Ministry
  • First in India
  • Highest longest largest shortest and tallest
  • First Indian Women
  • Indian History GK
  • Great Personalities
  • Nick Name of Indians
  • India’s Only Achiever
  • Top Agricultural Producing States
  • Facts to Know about India
  • President, Prime Minister of India
  • First Indian to win an Award
  • Indian Railway info
  • Indian Currency
  • Banking Service in India
  • Schedules in Indian Constitution
  • Indian Constitution Features
  • Committee Commission in India
  • Bollywood History
  • National Park in India
  • World Heritage Site
  • Indian Dance
  • Television in India
  • India’s Olympics Performance
  • Records in Indian Cricket
  • ODI Records by Sachin Tendulkar
  • Cup and Trophy
  • Bollywood History

General Knowledge (GK) on World

  • Universe at a glance
  • World at a glance
  • First in the World
  • First Woman in the World
  • Top agricultural producing countries
  • National Emblem
  • Facts on Continents and Countries
  • Top Ten in the world
  • Countries with their Capitals
  • Highest, Longest, Largest, Smallest
  • United Nation
  • Seven Wonders of the World
  • Parliament Houses
  • Cricket ODI Records
  • World Cup Cricket
  • FIFA World Cup Tournaments
  • World Famous Structure
  • Father of Nation
  • Important International Lines
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Autobiography List
  • Famous International Books

General Knowledge (GK) on Miscellaneous Content

  • Human Body
  • Sobriquets
  • Nobel Prize
  • Invention List with respective Inventors
  • Interesting facts and Figures
  • Days Celebration List
  • Oscar Awards
  • English Language facts
  • Medical science branches
  • Person Recognize as Father/Mother of
  • Abbreviation List
  • Measurement Device
  • Players Number in Sports
  • Comic Superheroes
  • Deficiency Diseases
  • Company Info
  • Company with full name
  • Famous company name and slogan
  • Famous Quotes
  • Scientific Name
  • Scientific Study
  • Phobia List
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Uttarakhand GK Quiz Jharkhand GK Quiz
Telangana GK Quiz

Defence Section

Chiefs of Armed Forces

Formation Days — Military Organisations

Mottos of State Police Organisations

Defence Training Institutes

Defence Manufacturing Units

Commands of Army, Air Force & Navy

Air Force & Naval Training Establishments

Aircraft & Submarines of Indian Navy

Aircrafts of the Indian Air Force

Equivalent Ranks in Armed Forces

Important Military Operations

Joint Military Exercises

Religions Section

Sacred Hindu Texts

Important Pilgrimages of Hinduism

Important Facts about Islam

Important Facts about Christianity

Important Facts about Buddhism

Important Facts about Jainism

Important Facts about Sikhism

Judaism, Zoroastrianism & Confucianism

Rivers Section

Facts about Indian Rivers

Rivers and Cities of India

Rivers and Dams in India

Rivers and their Origins

Indian Rivers and Tributaries

Ancient Names of Rivers

Rivers and places of confluence

Facts about World Rivers

Cities and Rivers of the World

Mouths of Rivers of the World

Terminology related to Rivers

Diseases Section

Types of Diseases

Organisms causing Diseases

Deficiency Diseases

Common Names of Diseases

Diseases and Body Parts Affected

Poisoning Diseases

Diseases transmitted by animals

Rare Diseases and Disorders

Doctors and Specialisations

Types of Medicines

Commonly used Medicines

Names of Vitamins

Standards of Health

Great Personalities Section

Great Leaders of India

Indian Leaders – Years of Birth

Real Names of Prominent People

Nicknames of Important Personalities

Art and Culture Section

Classical and Folk Dances of India

Dance Forms and Associated Persons

Famous Painter, Sculptors, Architects etc.

Famous Painters and their Paintings

Musical Instruments and Associated Persons

Fairs of India

Intangible Cultural Heritage List – UNESCO

Important Facts about Films

Agriculture Section

Important Facts about Soils

Distribution of Soils in India

Facts about Crops in India

Top Crop Producing States in India

Top Crop Producing Countries

Types of Farming

Types of Irrigation

History Section

Ancient Texts and Authors

Importance of Ancient Indian Texts

Important Battles in Indian History

Foreign Invaders of India

Visitors to India

Court Poets in Indian History

Dynasties – Capitals, Founders and Temples

Famous Women in Indian History

Delhi Sultanatte – Important Facts

Rulers and Women of Mughal Empire

Battles during Mughal Rule

Nine Gems of Akbar”s Court

Monuments and Books of Mughal Period

Important Treaties in Indian History

Sports Section

Major Sports Events

Facts about Olympic Games

Indian Olympic Medallists

First in Sports in India

First in Sports in the World

League Sports and Teams in India

Stadiums in India

Cricket Stadiums of the World

Sports Awards in India

Facts about Open Era Tennis

Grand Slam Tennis Records

Highest Runs in Cricket

Most Wickets in Cricket

Sports Cups and Trophies

Games and Number of Players

Sports Measurements

Sports Organisations and Headquarters

Awards Section

First in Nobel Prizes

Presidents, PMs – Winners of Nobel Prizes

Nobel Prize Winners from India

Nobel Prize Winners from China, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc.

Important International Awards

International Awards – Films, Music and TVI

nternational Awards for Literature

First Winners of Jnanpith Awards in Various Languages

First Winners of Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award in Various Sports

First Winners of Arjuna Award in Various Sports

Awards by Home Ministry – Govt of India

Sports Awards by Govt of India

Awards by Various Ministries – Govt of India

Awards by Autonomous Organisations in India

Gallantry Awards by Govt of India

International Organisations Section

HQs of International Organisations

Mottos of International Organisations

Facts about U.N.O.SAARC, OPEC, ASEAN Member Countries

Member Countries of European Union

Member Countries – G–8 and G20

Miscellaneous Section – 2

Rocket Launching Stations

Maharatna and Navratna PSUs

PSUs and Ministries

Nuclear Power Plants in India

Weather Instruments and Climatic Lines

Atmospheric Layers

Facts about the Earth

Important Latitudes and Longitudes

Facts about the Moon

Facts about the Solar System

Utility and Demand

Production in Economics

Competition in Economics

Major Brands of Indian Companies

Geographical Features Section

Geographical Features of the World

Deserts of the World

Lakes of India and the World

Waterfalls of India and the World

Islands of India

Wetlands of India

Straits and Canals

Sanctuaries and Animals Section

Sanctuaries in India

Sanctuaries and Animals

Biosphere Reserves in India

Forest Cover in India

Largest, Smallest, Fastest Animals

Endemic Animals around the World

Members of Cat Family

Breeds of Domestic Animals

Scientific Names of Common Animals

Differences between Similar Animals

Books and Authors Section

Books by Indian Nobel Laureates

Books by Indian Authors

Books by President, Prime Ministers etc.

Books by Famous Scientists

Books by Sportspersons

Famous Children Classics

Famous World Classics

Creators of Fictional Characters

Famous Books of 20th Century

Books by Women Authors

Books by Famous Economists

Indian Writers and Languages

Latest Books and Authors

Latest Books in News

Inventions & Discoveries Section

Discoverers of Elements

Inventors of Home Appliances

Inventors in Aviation Field

Inventors of Vehicles

Inventors of Weapons

Medical Discoveries

Founders of Indian Companies

Founders of Universites and Institutions

Minerals Section

India”s Position in Mineral Wealth

First Ranked States in Mineral Production

Oil Refineries of India

Oil Fields of India and the World

Steel Plants of India

Places of Interest Section

Museums in India

Gardens of India

World Heritage Sites in India

Archaeological Sites

Temples of India

Forts and Palaces of India

Mosques and Tombs in India

Zoos, Jails and Libraries in India

Caves, Gates and Towers of India

Commemorative Monuments of India

Bridges, Statues and Stupas of India

Old and New Names of Cities of India

Important Industrial Towns of India

Cities and their Founders

Constitution Section

Facts about Constituent Assembly

Committees of Constituent Assembly

Parts of Indian Constitution

Articles of Indian Constitution

Age Limits in Indian Constitution

Time Periods in Indian Constitution

Oaths in Indian Constitution

Resignations in Indian Constitution

Important Amendments to Constitution

Important Parliamentary Terms

Finance related Parliamentary Terms

Questions and Motions in Parliament

Banking Section

Reserve Bank of India

Facts on Coins and Currency of India

Coins and Currency Making Units of India

Nationalised Banks of India

Slogans of Banks

Top Banks of India

State Bank of India

RRBs under State Bank of India

Taglines of Insurance Companies

Central Banks of Important Countries

International Banks & Headquarters

World Bank and IMF

International Financial Institutions

Bank Rates and Ratios

Banking Terminology

Days and Years Section

Important Days of the Year

Health Related Days

Animal Related Days

Important Years in Indian History

Important Years in World History

India – General

Basic Facts about India

India”s Position in the World

National Symbols

Population Facts

Languages of India

Languages in the 8th Schedule

Courts in India

Tribunals in India

Hills and Mountains Section

Mountains & Hills of India

Hill Stations of India

Highest Mountains of Indian States

Highest Mountains of the World

Mountain Ranges of the World

First Everest Climbers

Anatomy Section

Important Facts about Human Anatomy

Important Facts about Blood

Blood Vessels and Functions

Blood Components and Functions

Disorders of the Blood

Disorders of the Eye

Facts about Bones

Number of Bones in Human Body

Types of Bones and Joints

Functions of Enzymes

Functions of Minerals in Human Body

Functions of Hormones in Human Body

Plants Section

Facts about Plants

Plant Products and Parts

Propagation of Plants

Plant Nutrients and Studies

Scientific Names of Common Plants

“Firsts” Section

First Appointees in India

First Events in India

First Chief Ministers of Indian States

First Women Chief Ministers and Governors

First in India – Women

First Award Recipients in India

First Indian Recipients of International Awards

First in the World

First in the World – Women

First Men in Space

First Satellites of Countries

First Spacecraft in Space

Roads, Ports and Airports Section

Facts about Roads and Highways

International Airports in India

Domestic Airports in India

Major Ports in India

Chemicals Section

Facts about Elements

Facts about Periodic Table

Common Names of Chemicals

Important and Useful Chemicals

Precious Stones and Materials

Important Organic Acids

Important Inorganic Acids

Important Chemical Processes

Abbreviations Section

Abbreviations — Government Related

Banking related Abbreviations

Commerce related Abbreviations

Technology related Abbreviations

Medical related Abbreviations

Physical Sciences Section

Facts about Gases

Facts about Metals

Metals, Ores and Alloys

Processes related to Metals

Important Scientific Laws

Units of Measurements

Conversion of Measurement Units

Measuring Instruments

Facts about Light

Facts about Sound

Images by Lenses

Images by Mirrors

Electrical & Electronic Components

Miscellaneous Section

Social Movements and Founders

Famous Slogans and their Authors

Famous Quotes by Indian Leaders

Famous Quotes of the World

Newspapers and their Founders

Newspapers and their Editors

Government Publications in India

Languages of the World

Landmarks of the World – Statues

Old and New Names of Countries and Cities

Nicknames of Countries and Cities

Largest Countries of the World

Countries and Parliaments

Official Residences of Heads of State

Space Agencies of Countries

Slogans of International Airlines

Ministries and Departments

List Of Countries And Their Capitals And Currencies
Lists Of Palaces in India
List of Tiger reserves in India
Lists Of First Women in India
Lists Of First Men in India
List of national parks in India
Famous Festivals In India
Famous Temples In India
G20 Summit
Terms Used In Games
Transport Systems in India
Sources of Nutrients and Deficiency diseases
List of Gardens in India
List of Highest Himalaya mountain peaks in India
Attorney Generals of India
Classification of Indian soils
Types of Elections in India
The Nationalist Movements In India
List of largest libraries in India
Indian Prime Ministers
List of active, dormant & extinct volcanoes in India
Indian Presidents List
Famous Volcanoes in the world
Five Year Plans in India
Important Indian exercise with other countries
Important International Cricket Tournaments
Important Cricket Tournaments – India
Important Indian Cities & Their Founders
The Largest Deserts in the World
Ministers of State
Famous News Papers Names In The World
International Banks And Headquarters
Cabinet Ministers and their Constituencies
List Of Domestic Airports In India
List Of International Airports In India
Important Revolutions in India
Central Bank Names Of Different Countries
Important Food Festivals Around The World
Cups And Trophies Related To Sports
National Symbols Of India
List Of Countries and their Parliament Names
List of Indian states and their Capitals,Governors & Chief Ministers 2018
List of Governors in India
Chief Ministers of India
Cheif Justice of India
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) & their Objective
List of UPSC chairman in India
CBI Directors of India
Important Forest in India
Indian Air Chief Marshal
List of Nuclear Power Stations in India
List of Important Boundary Lines
Stock Exchanges of Different Countries
List Of Space Centres in India
List Of State Governors And Chief Ministers Of India
List of Core Industries
Coal Industry
States official languages
Superlatives in India
Nicknames of Indian Cities
List Of States And Their Bird Sanctuaries
List Of States And Their Dance Forms
List Of Stadiums of the States
List of Important Summits
Bird Sanctuaries in India
International Head Quarters
Chief Justice of High Court (Indian Administration)
Father of Various Fields
Important Indian Rivers and their Origin
National Emergency
State Emergency
Financial Emergency
List of Comptroller and Auditor General of India(CAG)
List of Noble Prize Winners from India
Rural Welfare Programmes
Modern India
Banks and their Terms
President & their articles
Supreme Court of India
Welfare Schemes for Women in India
GST Important Points
Fundamental Duties
List of Indian Ambassadors to Other Countries
List Of National Independence Days