Human resource management MCQ questions


Human resource management MCQ questions

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Question 46 [CLICK ON ANY CHOICE TO KNOW MCQ multiple objective type questions RIGHT ANSWER]
The thorough & detailed study regarding jobs within an Organisation is represented by;
Job analysis
Job description
Job specification
Job evaluation
GK (GENERAL KNOWLEDGE) Questions answers
Question 46 Explanation: 

(accents with the hurry-furry merger) Rhymes: -ʌrə Adjective []. thorough (comparative more thorough, superlative most thorough) . Painstaking and careful not to miss or omit any detail. The Prime Minister announced a thorough investigation into the death of a father of two in police custody. He is the most thorough worker I have ever seen.

thorough - Wiktionary

Question 47 [CLICK ON ANY CHOICE TO KNOW MCQ multiple objective type questions RIGHT ANSWER]
..... of management is likely to be another key agenda item.
English grammar Questions answers
Question 47 Explanation: 

List Key Points: Break down agenda topics into key points. List agenda topics as questions the team needs to answer. List agenda topics as questions the team needs to answer. State Action Items: Make time in the agenda at the end of the meeting to have participants share all the action items and who is accountable for each one.

7 Steps to Crafting a Quality Meeting Agenda (Template Included)

Knowing that high-quality executive meetings don't take place by chance is the key but that is merely the first stair of many on the expedition to constructing your meetings effectively. To guarantee it happens, you require taking initiative and that's how the meetings become successful. > Benefits of Management Meeting Agenda Template:

10+ Management Meeting Agenda Templates - Free Sample

Question 48 [CLICK ON ANY CHOICE TO KNOW MCQ multiple objective type questions RIGHT ANSWER]
Tests that measure traits, temperament, or disposition are examples of
Manual dexterity tests
Personality tests
Intelligence tests
Work sample tests
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Question 48 Explanation: 

Both of these studies demonstrate how personality measures can provide general or vague descriptions and still be accepted by individuals as accurate. This effect has come to be known as the Forer effect. Personality Testing in the Workplace. Using personality tests as hiring or evaluation tools in the workplace is very controversial.

Assessing Personality | Boundless Psychology

Question 49 [CLICK ON ANY CHOICE TO KNOW MCQ multiple objective type questions RIGHT ANSWER]
During the lay off period, the employer has to pay ..... of the basic wages.
One fourth
Three fourth
One third
KBC Questions answers
Question 49 Explanation: 

If the employer requires the employee to work 42 hours in a given workweek, the extra two hours are paid at time-and-a-half and the employee will earn gross wages of $430 for the week (40 hours x $10 per hour, plus 2 overtime hours x $15 per hour).

Minimum Wage and Overtime Pay, FICA | AccountingCoach

Employers must be careful not to hire new employees in place of employees who have been laid off as this would indicate that there had been no good reason for the lay- offs and the employer could well be forced to pay the employees for the lay-off period.

Suspensions could be dangerous for employer | Labour Guide

Alternatively your employer may lay you off or put you on short time for a number of weeks. A lay-off situation arises where your employer is temporarily unable to provide work for you. A short-time situation arises where, due to a reduction in the amount of work to be done, your pay or hours are less than half the normal weekly amount.

Being asked to reduce your pay or your hours of work

You withhold the 0.9 percent Medicare surtax only to the extent you pay an employee wages in excess of $200,000 in a calendar year. You do not begin withholding the Medicare surtax until the pay period in which you pay wages in excess of $200,000 to an employee. There is no employer share: you withhold the 0.9 percent surtax from employee wages.

Employers' Responsibility for FICA Payroll Taxes

Question 50 [CLICK ON ANY CHOICE TO KNOW MCQ multiple objective type questions RIGHT ANSWER]
HRM typically provides which of these types of training to temporary employees?
Retirement planning
Benefits options
Career planning and management
Find your subjects study note
Question 50 Explanation: 

The orientation also provides helpful guides to parking, payroll and more. As a new STEPS employee, you will receive a special log in to access this orientation. Log in and complete the orientation now » Additional Required Training All STEPS temporary employes are required to complete at least one additional training.

UK Human Resources - University of Kentucky

Temporary Employees As a temporary employee for University of Mary Washington, we value the work you will do as a part of the UMW community! As part of your orientation, please read through the following policy information as well as view the PowerPoint training link listed on this page.

Temporary Employees | Human Resources

Technical or Technology Training. Depending on the type of job, technical training will be required. Technical training is a type of training meant to teach the new employee the technological aspects of the job. In a retail environment, technical training might include teaching someone how to use the computer system to ring up customers.

8.2 Types of Training - Human Resource Management

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