Reading comprehension test 296


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Reading comprehension questions answers for competitive exam

Question 1
Sunil Mittal led Bharti Airtel announced that it had completed the acquisition of Zain Telecom's Africa operations for $10.7 billion. The company has now 180 million subscribers in 18 Asian and African nations. The company announced that it would launch the Airtel brand in Zain's operational areas, that is all the 15 nations. Announcing the completion of the deal at a press conference here, Bharti Group Chairman Sunil Mittal said, "The transaction is the largest ever cross border deal in an emerging market and will result in combined revenues of about $13 billion."

Bharti finally entered Africa after aborting negotiations twice for merger with MTN since 2008, with Mr. Mittal stating that in the Zain's case, Airtel would have total control. He said "Zain Africa would now be 100 per cent subsidiary of Bharti International". This deal would signal many new investments that would go to Africa, he added.

At present, China Mobile is the world's largest mobile player with a subscriber base of 522 million, followed by Vodafone (348 million), Telefonica (206 million) and American Movil (201 million). Elaborating on Africa strategy, Bharti's International Operations in-charge ManojKohli said, "the company had set a target of 100 million subscribers and $5 billion revenues by 2012-13". Bharti has acquired Zain Telecom's operations in 15 African nations, excluding Sudan and Morocco. Zain has operations in 17 countries in the region and is claiming to be the second largest operator after MTN. Asked whether he regretted missing a deal with MTN twice and whether that was his first choice, Mr. Mittal said, "MTN was the first opportunity that was available at that time. In MTN's case, we would have had board control but no management control and no change in brand." " "

It can be inferred from the passage that while deciding on a merger, Mr. Mittal: i. considers whether he has effective control of the company. ii. wants to make sure that the Airtel name is always the name of the merged entity. iii. considers management control more important than board control.

(i) only
(i) and (ii) only
all of the above
(i) and (iii)
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Question 1 Explanation: 
This is a seemingly easy question but there are a couple of tricks in this question. Statement i: can be inferred easily from the last line of the passage. Statement ii: We cannot be sure whether he wants this always, always is too strong a word to use here. Statement iii: though both the controls are mentioned, we do not know which is more important. Hence, option A is the answer in the given case.
Question 2
Bharti International will be responsible for Zainoperations in
Asia and Africa
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Question 2 Explanation: 
The correct answer is option C.
Question 3
From the passage, which of the following companies was positively not acquired by Bharti?
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Question 3 Explanation: 
In this case, we know that Bharti has not acquired any of the above companies but the only one that has been stated as 'not acquired' is option B, MTN.
Question 4
Zain is present is 18 African and Asian countries, but Airtel will operate only in 15 of those. Why this incongruity?
Zain has become insolvent in three nations.
Zain still has control in these nations and has not sold them to Airtel.
Airtel is not interested in these nations.
Airtel does not see a business opportunity in Sudan and Morocco.
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Question 4 Explanation: 
The correct answer in this case is option B. It is easy to identify and is essentially a fact based question.
There are 4 questions to complete.


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