UGC NET JULY 2018 paper 1 question-8

By | July 8, 2018
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Question 1
From the list of evaluation procedures given below identify those which will be called `formative evaluation'. Indicate your answer by choosing from the code:
  1. A teacher awards grades to students after having transacted the course work.
  2. During interaction with students in the classroom, the teacher provides corrective feedback.
  3. The teacher gives marks to students on a unit test.
  4. The teacher clarifies to doubts of students in the class itself.
  5. The overall performance of a student's us reported to parents at every three months interval.
  6. The learner's motivation is raised by the teacher through a question-answer session.
(1), (2) and (3)
(2), (3) and (4)
(1), (3) and (5)
(2), (4) and (6)
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