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Question 1
Bosporus strait connects which of the following Sea or Bays
1. Black Sea
2. Sea of Marmara
3. Azov Sea
4. Aegean Sea

Select the correct answer using the code given below:

1 and 2 only
1 and 4 only
2 and 3 only
2 and 4 only
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Question 1 Explanation: 


Question 2
Consider the following statements regarding Hunar Haats.
  1. Hunar Haats aim to provide market exposure and employment opportunities to artisans, craftsmen and traditional culinary experts.
  2. Hunar Haats are organised by Ministry of Culture under Scheme of Financial Assistance for Promotion of Art and Culture .
Which of the above statements is/are correct?
1 only
2 only
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Question 2 Explanation: 

Hunar Haats are organised by Ministry of Minority Affairs under USTTAD (Upgrading the Skills & Training in Traditional Arts/Crafts for Development) scheme.

The USTTAD scheme aims at preserving & promoting the rich heritage of the traditional arts & crafts of the Minority communities.

Hunar Haat is an exhibition of handicrafts and traditional products made by artisans from the Minority communities.

Aimed at promoting and supporting artisans from Minority communities and providing them domestic as well as international markets for displaying and selling their products.


Question 3
Consider the following statements about Small Grants Programme (SGP) related to environmental funding.
  1. Established in 1992, the year of the Rio Earth Summit, the Small Grants Programme embodies the essence of sustainable development.
  2. It is implemented by UNDP on behalf of the GEF partnership.
  3. SGP grants are made directly to the state governments for environment and development concerns.
Which of the above statements is/are correct?
1, 3
2, 3
1, 2
1, 2, 3
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Question 3 Explanation: 

The GEF Small Grants Programme (SGP) provides financial and technical support to communities and Civil Society Organizations to meet the overall objective of global environmental benefits secured through community-based initiatives and actions.

Established in 1992, the year of the Rio Earth Summit, the GEF Small Grants Programme embodies the very essence of sustainable development by "thinking globally acting locally". The Small Grants Programme has expanded to provide assistance to 125 countries currently. The SGP believes that community-driven and civil society-led initiatives can generate environmental benefits, while supporting sustainable livelihoods, gender equality and civil society empowerment. These are actions needed at the local and regional level to address global environmental challenges and complement other areas where the GEF works.

It is currently implemented by UNDP on behalf of the GEF partnership. The Program is specifically designed to mobilize bottom-up actions by empowering local civil society organizations, and poor and vulnerable communities, including women and Indigenous Peoples.

Source "

Question 4
Scientists who recently created a virtual black hole in the lab claimed to have observed for the first time a phenomenon predicted by British physicist Stephen Hawking more than thirty years ago according to which
some particles can escape black holes
black holes are spheres (3-D) and not two-dimensional as was earlier believed
black holes cannot absorb sound waves classified as hyper-frequency waves
Black holes can weaken and eventually disappear/collapse
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Question 4 Explanation: 

Stephen Hawking's prediction, if found to be true, will help explain the statement in option 'd'.

"For many years, scientists believed that nothing could ever escape from a black hole - not even light. However, in 1974, Stephen Hawking suggested particles, that are now called Hawking radiation, could escape black holes."

"According to him if a particle and its antimatter appeared spontaneously at the edge of a black hole, one of the pair might be pulled into the black hole while the other escaped, taking some of the energy from the black hole with it. This would explain why black holes grow smaller and eventually disappear. However, since such emissions are feeble, no one has been able to measure Hawking radiation. Researchers have instead tried to build virtual black holes in labs to test the theory." "

Question 5
'Nomadic Elephant - 2016', recently seen in the news, is
Indo-Mongolia Joint Military Exercise
The first edition of a Travel and Tourism Fair being organized by the Ministry of Tourism in India's Northeast
Odisha's International Advertising Award-winning tourism campaign to 'Bring to Life the Mauryan Empire'
The inaugural edition of Assam's International Music Festival
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